Frequently asked questions

What's the price for a photo shoot in Paris?

You can find the prices and packages on this page.

How can I book a photo shoot?
Just leave me a message here and we'll discuss together the date, the time, the place and all the details for our photo session. To finish the booking, I'll ask you for a 50% prepayment.

How can I pay for a photo shoot?
The 50% prepayment can be made by PayPal, or by other payment system. The rest is paid at the end of our photo session by cash, by PayPal or by direct transfer to card.

If I cancel the booking, will I get the refund?
The prepayment can be refund only if the booking is canceled by me.

How soon will I receive the edited photos?
The edited photos are ready in 14 days after the full payment.

How many photos will I receive?
I edit 40 best photos from each hour of shoot.

Do you provide all unedited photos?
No, I do not provide the unedited photos as it's just an intermediate step of my work. I provide you only the final result.

How will I receive the edited photos?
I send the edited photos by a file sharing service. You'll receive a link for a direct download of your edited photos in high resolution.


And what if I'm late?

If you're 15 minutes late, no worries, I'll wait for you. If you're 15 to 30 minutes late, my wait time will be charged as additional 30 minutes of shooting time. If you're late more than 30 minutes, unfontunately I won't be able to wait. In this case the prepayment can't be refund.

Can you recommend a make-up artist for our shoot?
Yes, sure!

Can you help to choose the best locations and looks?
Yes, and with great pleasure! The preparaition is a very important part of a prefect photo shoot. Together we'll find the style that suits you most.

Can we shoot different looks?
Sure, we'll just need to consider that in this case we'll need more time.

Is our shoot confidential?
By default  - no, I keep the right to use the photos to showcase as a part of my portfolio in social media or on my site. However, it's possible to make a confidential photo shoot for additional 50% of the shoot price.

Do you keep the photos after our shoot?
I keep the photos for 2 months. During this period, you can get back to me in case you need an additional file transfer of our photos.